Writing + Editing Services

I offer a range of writing, editing and proofreading services in a broad range of industries. I specialise in editing for fiction writers of all genres and mediums.

Not sure what you need? The services on offer are detailed below, with various editing focuses and writing styles to choose from. Requests can be made through the contact page for quotes and rates.


The more detailed and thorough an editing service you require, the more expensive the completed project will be. Once your project and needs have been outlined, you can send me a 2-page sample of your work, which I will use to provide you with a quote.


Basic Proofreading
For a finished piece of writing that requires line-by-line proofreading to ensure there are no grammatical errors or unnecessary spacing, and that there is style consistency.

Structural Editing
For a work of writing that is completed or in progress, but needs restructuring in its formatting, including paragraph length, sentence structure and general language.

Narrative Advisory
For a work of fiction that is, for lack of a better word, stuck. Let there be no lack of words! If your poem doesn’t seem to end satisfactorily, your novella seems to be missing a chapter, or your book’s main character can’t make a decision, I will help you find the next step.


Promotional Writing
If you own a business and require a personalised mode of promotion for your products, I can write blog-style posts or promotional articles, depending on your platform. I am also adept at social media marketing and can manage one or more social media platforms with regular posting tailored to your audience.

Website Content
For any style of website, I am able to write the content to communicate your intention clearly and appealingly, from the home page to product descriptions. If you do not yet have a website, I can create and manage a free WordPress website with your style preferences.

Jobseeking Materials
If you have the skills but lack the language to put them in order, I will help you write a cover letter and curriculum vitae and/or resume that will ensure your future employers will see your potential and aptitude for any job to which you apply.

Fiction Writing/General Writing

I am proficient in many styles of writing, from performance poetry to press releases. Contact me with what you require for a quote and I will work with you to create what you need.

Feedback Method

All written feedback will be given in the form of edited versions of your work on Microsoft Word, with track changes enabled, clear comments accompanying structural edits, and an overall feedback review to give an impression of the progress of your work.