Grand Parade Poets Copywriting

From late 2015 to early 2016, I did proofreading work for Grand Parade Poets. The publisher, Professor Alan Wearne, was until recently an Associate Professor of Creative Writing and the Head of Poetry at the University of Wollongong.

Alan Wearne was always an eccentric character at UOW, what with his slippers and coffee-stained shirts, and early-morning rants about the pervasive redundancies of technology. However, once accustomed to his methods, I was pleased to discover that he was an effective teacher and intuitive advisor, and I delighted in the opportunity to work for his publishing company.


I worked on two projects during my time with Grand Parade Poets: Cassandra Atherton’s Exhumed, and Nigel Roberts’ IN CASABLANCA: for the waters, the latter of which was unfortunately delayed in publishing and is still in the works. Both were eclectic compilations of poetry, and I enjoyed having the experience of reading through them and having a hand in ensuring that they were ready for publication.

Exhumed is available for purchase from the Grand Parade Poets website.

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