Word Travels: Story-Fest ’18

Word Travels is the International Performing Writers’ Association, a non-profit arts organisation that organises literary and literacy programs for festivals, private companies, libraries, schools and cultural institutions around the Asia Pacific with a focus on developing performing writers.

In late 2018, I joined the Word Travels team during their busiest time of the year in the months leading up to and including Story-Fest ’18; a weekend of poetry events, contests, talks and workshops, culminating in the Australian Poetry Slam National Final.

I took on the short-term role of Social Media and Marketing Officer, and I worked for six weeks in the Word Travels office in Circular Quay. From my first day, I hired and managed a small team of interns and volunteers, managed the social media marketing, liaised with Sydney media contacts, and helped run the festival as it happened.

The biggest highlight of working at Word Travels (apart from working in the city for the first time and feeling like I was in an indie film about a plucky young art gal) was getting to know the whole team, which was made up of some incredibly hardworking individuals who were great fun to be around.

The Story-Fest weekend was intense, but it had such an incredible range of artists and educators with a broad array of perspectives and talents, and it was fantastic to be witness to some of the phenomenal poetry that was performed in Sydney over those few days. I look forward to seeing what Word Travels brings to the literary arts community in 2019.

My final day at Word Travels in my official Word Travels shirt. Check out this view near the office!

Find out more about Word Travels and their program of events and workshops here.

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