Folk Music Poetry!

You wouldn’t know it from most of this website, but I am a MASSIVE folkie (someone who goes to folk festivals a lot).

This year, I was absolutely honoured to be part of the closing concert of the National Folk Festival in Canberra. I was spontaneously invited on the second day of the five-day music festival to join the closing concert by folk musician Mandy Connell, who paired me up with Stephen Taberner, Director of The Spooky Men’s Chorale on double bass.


Due to the undeniably funky quality of the double bass rhythms improvised by Stephen, and the intimate nature of the poem I chose to perform, my brief set took on a jazzy flavour, and things got a little sexy all up in the Flute n’ Fiddle venue.

It was a fantastic experience being part of the show, and I was also invited to sing backup harmonies on some of Mandy’s songs, which was a tiny little dream come true.


2019’s National Folk Festival will not soon be forgotten.

Watch “Holy Enough” Here.

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