Published Zine: Equidistant


In May of 2018, I published my first zine with Sydney artist Erin Louise O’Brien.

I was fortunate enough to discover Ms O’Brien’s art and crafts at Zine There Done That Zine Fair in Thirroul in 2017. In early 2018, she used Instagram to seek a writer interested in creating a collaborative zine or chapbook. I responded to the post, she read some of my work, and we found a mutual interest in the present theme and content.

The project began as a collection of my short poems, which Ms O’Brien then responded to in illustrative form. The final product is a fully collaborative art piece of which we are both very proud.

You can purchase the zine, titled Equidistant, from Ms O’Brien’s online shop, managed under her artist name ‘Baby In Charge’. The listing is here.

I also urge any readers to explore Erin’s online shop in its entirety, as she has a slew of politically important and aesthetically beautiful pieces in various mediums for sale.


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