WWF Kids Program

In 2017, I took on a new role with the Wollongong Writers Festival: the Kids Program Coordinator. I had worked as the Fundraising Coordinator and the Social Media Coordinator in previous years, as well as volunteering my time to run events behind the scenes, but this was my first time organising events in a coordinator capacity.

The opportunity to coordinate an entire section of the festival program was daunting at first, but I was excited to take on the new challenges it presented.


Over several months, the kids festival came together under my hands, from contracting the artists and liaising with the local council, to decorating the site and coordinating the volunteers. On the day itself, our program was part of Wollongong City Council’s Viva La Gong, which was an excellently fun festival that took place over all of McCabe Park.

In our site, we had endless interactive activities for kids, and workshops by local children’s authors Dianne Ellis, Judy Cauduro, Patricia Simmons and Mary Van Reyk. We had at least a hundred kids come through our site, and they all left with something of their own creation, and some creative writing ideas bubbling in their brains (hopefully).

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful success, and I’m already planning the kids program for 2018. Follow the Wollongong Writers Festival Facebook page to keep an eye out for the program!


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