Longlisted for the WWF Short Story Prize

In October of 2016, I was pleased to discover that I was longlisted for the Wollongong Writers Festival Short Story Prize, for my story The Deep End.

Whilst it was not chosen to be subsequently shortlisted, I was and am still quite pleased to have my creative written work selected in a collection of less than twenty out of almost three hundred entries to the competition.

If you would like to read The Deep End, please respect publishing restrictions by deleting the downloaded copy when you are finished reading. If you’re hesitant to lose the fifteen minutes of your life it would take to read it, read the blurb below.


“On what could’ve been just a normal day, Tony finds himself being pushed and beaten against from every angle until he loses his hold on the worst parts of himself. After everything comes rushing to the surface, he is forced to realise what had been hiding under his calm exterior, and is left unable to reconcile the multitudes of himself.

Having grown up on the coast, I have experienced first-hand how the ocean can turn on us at a moment’s notice; a relaxing swim can become a desperate fight for breath without any warning. It was my aim in this story to hide that dangerous unpredictability inside an everyday man, and see how far things might go when the tide can’t be held back any longer.”

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