A Slice of Promiscuous Pear

One of the best things about being involved in the arts community is constantly being surrounded by creative entrepreneurs who want to inspire new art to spring forth from all corners. The creator of the new Wollongong zine Ugly Pineapple is a talented graphic designer, a former co-worker, and a friend, and has so far published two editions and is already preparing the third.

I was pleased to submit a short story to the second edition, Promiscuous Pear, which, as with every edition of Ugly Pineapple, includes a medley of different art forms, and is themeless, since as the creator says:

“Big brands do themes because themes sell but guess what, I’m in this zine biz to show that I have super cool friends who make super cool shit. And that’s it. I don’t want to sell the concept of Ugly Pineapple to you. I shouldn’t have to. The content speaks for itself, totally, completely, as it is – theme free.”

My short story in Promiscuous Pear is a ridiculous, metafictional, narratively bonkers tale of existential crisis, and it’s possible not many people will ever read it, but I’m okay with that. This is a story I enjoyed writing and chuckled whilst editing, and I’ll be pleased if it drags an uneasy giggle out of even just a handful of people.

19720189_10212735013427813_445381604_oCheck out Ugly Pineapple and their past and future editions on their website, and maybe grab yourself a copy of Promiscuous Pear to place under your pillow and leak super weird dreams into your brain at night.

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