Sour Apples Zine

I was recently published in the third edition of Ugly Pineapple Zine: Sour Apples. The creators hosted an intimate private launch and we were treated to live readings from the other contributors.

Ugly Pineapple creator Isabel Moon reading her foreword at the Sour Apples launch.

Like its predecessors, Sour Apples zine had no theme, but many of the writers and artists who contributed had created pieces that were inspired by the title of the zine, such as a hilarious comic strip that depicted Isaac Newton taking a bite from the sour apple that hit him on the head.

If you’d like to have your own taste, you’ll have to buy the zine here. For now, feel free to read my microfiction that was entered into the zine, Windshield, for just a tiny lick of the delicious meal that is the Sour Apples zine.

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